/// Summer Camps, 2021 ///

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, I would like to give your family something to look forward to this summer.  Does your child need their “spark” back?  Are they craving social interactions?  Do you need something to keep them occupied?  Did their summer plans get cancelled…again?  Here are some awesome activities from Rising Stars geared toward bringing out the best in your child during these difficult times.  

I am also happy to announce our summer scholarship program.  Through generous donations from parents throughout the schoolyear, we will be able to help campers whose families have been hit hard during this unforeseen economic downturn.  If your family is in need of a scholarship for one or more camps, please reply to this e-mail, and we can get the ball rolling on a scholarship for your camper.  Funds are limited, so we encourage you to read more  HERE ASAP if this is something your family needs.  Please note: these are not full-ride scholarships; all families will pay something.  Also, if you would like to donate to the Rising Stars scholarship fund, you can Venmo Kerith Telestai (just search for her name--there's only one!)  Any amount is much appreciated.   :)


Here is the lineup for Rising Stars Summer camps…


Rising Stars Presents Summer Camp In The Park

The Boundless Bard



Think Shakespeare is boring?  Think again!  We’ll be bringing to life masterpieces by Shakespeare (A.K.A. “The Bard”) and turning them into musicals, complete with popular songs and hip hop dancing!  We will meet at the amazing amphitheatre in Kleiner Park for 2 weeks, and have an absolute blast singing, dancing, and acting together.  There is even a splash pad we can visit in the park, and families can stay after camp to enjoy the park’s lakes, maze walk, and other features, or head across the street to The Village for food and fun! Kerith has run socially distanced musical theatre camps all through 2020 and 2021 with great success, and is excited to offer covid-safe summer camps again this year.  Please send your camper with water, a snack, tennis shoes, comfortable clothes for the weather, and a face mask.  Masks will be worn during transitions or closer contact on stage, but are not required once everyone is in their assigned places.  Masks will need to be off during the dress rehearsal and performance on the last day, except for during transitions or closer contact on stage.  Performance for parents and guests on the last day, at the camp’s regular “end time”.  Registrations are limited to 12 campers in each camp; first come, first served.  



Entering 2nd-4th Grades




Entering 6th-11th Grades




Entering 4th-6th Grades



Questions? Contact Mrs. T. here.


*These camps are dependent on the state of Idaho and Ada County’s coronavirus requirements.  If your camp is cancelled or your child is unable to participate due to Covid-19, a full or pro-rated refund will be issued.



Please note that once registered, you have agreed to pay Kerith for her preparation and instruction, and refunds will not be issued except due to Covid-19 or other extreme circumstances as determined by Rising Stars.  Registering for camp is the same as committing to it.   :)

Read full refund policy HERE.