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​If you are a parent or a potential camper, we are excited to tell you about our performing arts programs! We think they are a great way to meet new friends, gain confidence, and do something unforgettable. But don't just take our word for it...
What Kids Are Saying:

"Wow! This camp is a great way to meet awesome people who share your interests and are as crazy as you are! The variety of music is awesome—you always know a song or two. I love this camp; my friends and I now have a 'drama family', and we get together all the time. I will come back every year!" -Emma

"This is the best play I've ever been in!  This musical ROCKS!" - Brayton


"I loved dressing up, singing, and doing awesome dancing. It was never boring for me and I'm totally coming back next year!" - Riley

"I can't believe how loud everyone cheered at the performance!  It was louder than any of my football games.  Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to meet new people.  I hope next year I can do more camps with you guys." - Ryan


"I loooovvvveeeed being [the character] 'Hurricane'! That's what I want to be for Halloween now.  I can't wait until next summer!" - Brooklyn

"Camp was one of the most fun things I did this summer, and I hope I can do it every year."

What Parents Are Saying:

"At the beginning of the first day of camp, I had to cajole, bribe and insist that my shy campers go to camp.  At the end of the first day, they couldn't stop talking about the parts they wanted, and how much fun they were having.  At the end of the camp, I had three children who are planning future experiences on stage and behind the scenes.  They left camp with new friends, camaraderie, self-confidence and a desire to do it all again. I never would have imagined that change in two weeks!  And on top of it all, they had an amazing performance!" -Jenn

"Thank you so much for giving my daughter an opportunity to shine.  She has been so shy in front of people, and this was a chance to come out of her shell.  The whole program brought tears to my eyes... Simply amazing!  Hats off to the directors and all who helped this program become a success.  BRAVO!!!" -Julie

"To be able to accomplish what you did in just 2 weeks was amazing! Talk about learning life skills. It brought a grown man to tears. My son will definitely be back next summer." -Dan

"How can I possibly find words to tell you what an experience it's been to have Emily at camp?  I feel like under your tutelage, she has finally discovered who she is.  Thank you so much!" - Tiffany

"Rising Stars was an amazing experience for my son.  He discovered talents we never knew he had and a new confidence which is priceless to us.  The staff is very talented and professional, and the quality of the show after just nine days of rehearsal was phenomenal!  My son was so excited when the DVD came.  He can't wait to show off his hard work to everyone."  -Emily

"My husband and I had the opportunity to enroll his granddaughter this past summer as an early birthday gift to her.  Her mother said that, as a result, she was a different child at home.  This is an opportunity for your child or grandchild to have fun, learn, and build self-esteem.  I am highly recommending that you enroll your child or grandchild in this camp.  The investment is priceless and your child will thank you."  -Cherie

"I've been trying to figure out how to put into words just how amazing it was to watch the performance last week.  You have such an incredible ability to bring out the best in kids.  I love the educational aspect of your musicals--it makes learning so much fun!  'Shock & Awe' is how I would describe watching Zach on stage.  He is usually so quiet and reserved, but you helped him find his confidence. And I never knew he could dance!!  Can we keep him up on stage 24/7?  We appreciate everything you're doing and I know my younger kids are counting down the time until they are old enough to come to camp."  -Tiffini​

“I would recommend this program to any parent. The program provides an uplifting, educational, and fun experience that their child will never forget. The camp instructors are incredible and radiate knowledge that inspire every single camper. I have never witnessed such an amazing performance in my life. Rising Stars is an opportunity your child will never forget.” -Shanna

What The Community
Is Saying:


​"As someone who has worked as both a professional musician and educator in the public school system, I was totally impressed with Idaho Rising Stars' production of 'Weather Or Not' .  Not only were the writing, music, costumes, sets, and audio/visual production all at a professional level, but I have never seen a group of kids so 'into it' when it came to performing. To pull that all together in two weeks was nothing short of amazing!" 



"The musical I watched today was AMAZING!  I can't tell you how impressed I was to think that 'kids' were able to perform with such excellence.  You should take this show on the road!" -Maggie

"I've seen my share of children's theater in the Treasure Valley, and this is by far the highest caliber production in the area.  I don't know how you get these kids to be so disciplined while still obviously having so much fun!" -Heidi

"I genuinely laughed out loud while watching the production, which is rare in kids' theater.  I can't believe you guys wrote the musical!  We have talented writers and coaches right here in Boise!" -Darren

​"Not only were the kids very entertaining to watch, but I also learned so much (even as a grown adult) about science! Bravo! I wish your camps were around when I was kid." -Judy

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